The Next Level Fastpitch Academy

What you should know about us . . .Monica Abbot, Brent Hawkins and Larry

The Next Level Fastpitch Academy is a fastpitch pitching training program for all ages and abilities. Pitching is the most specialized part of the game and we are here to help you to achieve success in this part of the game. From beginners to the most advanced - we are here to help you to reach for that Next Level of your game!
As of now we have 6 instructors. Myself, Brent Hawkins,  I am here for fastpitch pitching instruction. My purpose is to work with girls in fastpitch from the beginner to the most advance pitchers. This is my one and only concern! I am an instructor who loves to teach. For the new pitcher my goal is to introduce correct technique in relation to game pitching as well to incorporate the overall philosophy of pitching. For the advance we are here to reinforce previous techniques and to introduce new pitches and new concepts concerning pitching. I believe in using drills with actual pitching to reach the pitchers individual goals. I am committed to help take the athlete from a level of potential ability to realized ability. This is not an overnight journey. This process will be a slow, steady, and constant improvement in each phase of learning how to pitch. You must be willing to let me take the time to instill the correct pieces of pitching to reach the highest level.  I firmly believe that the style of pitching and the type of pitches the pitcher will learn here will give them the necessary ingredients to succeed.  As an added part of my lessons that will happen along the way the girls will have fun and we will have some laughs.  This will encourage the girls to want to work harder to achieve their desired results. I will become personally invested in each and every girl’s level of achievement. Someday when they are finished with their pitching I will feel like a part of our “family” is leaving.
My goal is simple – I want every pitcher to reach a higher level of success through our pitching method. I will measure all of the pitcher’s success by the process of results! This is a long journey that everybody must participate in. Results will cumulate in their high school senior year and for some of the ones their collegiate days!

The other instructors are: Hitting - Sara Loete, Brittany Deweese, & Krista Price. Catcher lessons - Krista Price. Slap Hitting - Keith & Jeff Byrd


What are the key ingredients that will make this work . . .

There are 3 key ingredients to the formula for the pitchers experience to become a successful one. They are: 1. the instructor, 2. the parent, 3. the student.  I, as the instructor, will work as hard as possible to fulfill my part of the equation. I will teach patience, the understanding of why we are doing what we are doing, and interject a little humor into the lesson. The parents must be willing to help reinforce the methods taught. As an instructor I will help bring the parents along with the pitcher. I will keep you informed on what we are working on & what might be more important is the WHY we are doing it. The single most important part of the formula is the students! The students must make the effort to work beyond what is presented during the lessons. It is their commitment to this learning process that will determine the level of success.  As important as the commitment aspect there will be their enjoyment of attending lessons and seeing each small step as a necessary part of their learning process. As these 3 ingredients come together there will be a strong bond of confidence and feeling of success between me, the parents, and the pitcher as we all go through this journey together.

Contact me at You may sign up for lessons by contacting me - Brent Hawkins on my cell @ (812) 453-7283. If you have a question please either email or give me a call.